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'I still have that love and passion for the game' - Chris Gayle
Can Gayle play until he's 45?

'I still have that love and passion for the game' - Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle would ideally like to continue showing his brilliance to the world for eternity but he is aiming to continue his love with cricket as long as possible.

He got seemingly burned out in the last few months of 2019 however he is back in action now and these days entertaining jam-packed crowds in the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League.

"A lot of people still want [to] see Chris Gayle out there in the middle," Gayle told media persons in Dhaka.

The flamboyant southpaw still remains a force to reckon with in limited-overs cricket and has shredded numerous bowling attacks into pieces throughout his career and he hasn't run out of gas yet.

Not only does he enthral fans through his dexterity with the but he also brings incredible aura and vivacious personality on the field that gravitates fans towards him.

The 40-year-old superstar has stated he would like to continue for another few years and has no immediate plans of hanging his boots.

"I still have that love for the game and that passion for the game as well. And I would love to carry on as long as possible," Gayle remarked.

Gayle believes he has defied the ageing clock and is getting 'younger as days go on'. He is feeling fit and good to go for as long as he can.

"Even in franchise cricket, I am still playing a few games here and there around the globe because I still feel I have a lot to offer. The body is feeling good. And I am sure I am getting younger as days go on."

Can Gayle play until he's 45?

On a lighter note, he said he would like to target 45 that means he dreams of staying on the field for another five years which has been done by a handful of players including Brad Hogg—who was 44 when he represented Australia in 2014 and thereafter continued to play T20 leagues.

"Forty-five is a good number. Yeah, we can target 45. Let's target 45, that's a good number."

Gayle remains in contention for a place in the West Indies T20 World Cup squad. He doesn't look keen on playing ODIs and Test cricket but is still sought after by the owners of T20 leagues and he is also on the radar of West Indies selectors.

Gayle realizes he has to perform and jostle for a position with the youngsters to make the cut for T20 World Cup but, as always, he is confident to turn the tide in his favour.

"It'd be nice. It's open, the door's open for a chance. We'll see what happens. We have some bright youngsters ahead of you as well. I will leave the options open to hear back from [selectors]."

Last year during Mzansi Super League (MSL) Chris Gayle left the league midway into the tournament and got into an ugly tirade, attacking franchise owners in T20 leagues for treating him with what he felt was 'lack of respect'.

He struggled to locate his groove and subsequently opted to take time off the field. Later he pulled out of India tour as well.