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ICC tells players to beware of fixing approaches amidst lockdown
Corruption in Cricket

ICC tells players to beware of fixing approaches amidst lockdown

The International Cricket Council's anti-corruption unit has alerted players to remain vigilant and report all corrupt approaches amidst the current lockdown that has suspended professional cricket across the globe.

Elite level cricket has come to a standstill due to the virus-induced health crisis but anti-corruption chief Alex Marshall has warned that fixers would be more active in trying to reach out to players.

In the absence of economic opportunities for cricketers, bookmakers running illegal betting rings will be eying to entice and entrap players.

Increased social media activity in these days brings along the perils of easier channels of communication for fixers, who have moved on from affecting outcomes of matches to manipulating certain in-play events.

"COVID-19 may have put a temporary stop on the playing of international and domestic cricket around the world but the corrupters are still active," Marshall told The Guardian.

"As a result, our work with members, players, player associations and agents continues."

Marshall, a former police officer in England, remarked how corrupters had changed their methods and chose to begin their conversations with seemingly innocuous cryptic messages.

He said the ICC had reestablished contact with players to ensure they inform the relevant authorities of any suspicious approaches.

"We are seeing known corrupters use this time, when players are on social media more than ever, to connect with them and try to build a relationship that they can exploit at a later date," he said.

"We have reached out to our members, players and their wider networks to highlight this issue and ensure they all continue to be aware of the dangers of approaches and do not let their guard down while there is no cricket being played."

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