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Shining the ball, giving high-fives will change in cricket amid Covid-19, says Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar

Shining the ball, giving high-fives will change in cricket amid Covid-19, says Tendulkar

Some rituals in cricket that are often taken for granted, such as shining the ball to make it reverse and high-fiving after celebrations, may need to stop until coronavirus threat isn't averted.

Ruminating on the repercussions of the virus outbreak, the little master - who has scored 100 centuries and accumulated a record 34000 runs - said the conventional method of shining the ball from one side by using saliva to generate lateral movement would need to be aborted - much to the dismay of the bowlers. 

Given the rampant devastation caused by the deadly virus and limited options to curb the damage, social distancing measures and efforts to break the transmission cycle would require a new set of rules and instructions for everyone involved with the sport.

“Shining the ball will change I think. Everyone will be conscious of maintaining social distancing, giving high-fives to each other and hugging after celebrating the fall of a wicket,” Sachin told Reuters.

Sachin foresees that players would change the old customs that come so naturally to them and talked about how players would be wary of the potential dangers of spreading the virus.

“I don’t think those things are going to happen. It may happen instinctively but consciously players would want to make sure that they follow certain norms. During this period personal hygiene has been at the forefront.”

With an excess of 2.66 million people falling prey to the virus and almost the entire world grappling with the horrific health crisis, our lifestyle and the way we have been going about our business will have to be altered inevitably.

Indian Premier League has been indefinitely postponed, Pakistan tour of England is in jeopardy and most likely to be cancelled and several other bilateral tours have been scrapped.

One of the finest batsmen is hoping that the Future Tours Programme could be moved further rather than cancelling all scheduled series. Sachin recommends avoiding a massive rejig in the fixtures.

“I would like to believe that some tours are getting postponed rather than being called off. The whole world has come to a standstill, it applies to all cricket playing nations. The whole calendar can be moved forward a little bit without altering too many things.

“I know the timings of the cricket season are different in different continents and that needs a closer look at,” added Sachin.

The most important cricket event – Twenty20 World Cup – is scheduled to be hosted in Australia in October and International Cricket Council members are working closely with Cricket Australia and other boards to keep all contingency plans in place and closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sachin made a noteworthy point regarding not only focusing on Australia being ready to host the event but it’s also about the level of comfort of all participating teams to visit Down Under in the present circumstances.

“It’s not just about Australia, it’s also about making sure that the rest of the teams are also feeling safe enough to travel there,” Sachin said.