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3 ways to eradicate the menace of match-fixing and spot-fixing
Corruption in Cricket

3 ways to eradicate the menace of match-fixing and spot-fixing

It's about time Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) upscale its efforts to curb the menace of corruption in cricket and saves promising cricketers from falling prey to match-fixing and spot-fixing. There is no quick fix to this burgeoning problem so a systemized long-term multi-faceted approach will have to be adopted to groom ethically responsible players who avoid bringing the game into disrepute. Apart from implementing stringent laws, there is a lot of work that needs to be done on other fronts to create an environment that discourages players from going astray.

Education and Awareness

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) ought to provide all domestic cricketers with formal and informal education by involving cricket associations under the new domestic structure and get the patronage of sponsors in this project as part of the corporate social responsibility objectives. PCB could mull offering ethics and conduct courses by, for instance, following Cricket Australia's suit and make enrollment mandatory for all players. Passing these courses shall serve as a requirement to play at the highest level.

Taking into account the educational standards in the country, legal documents and educational resources shall be made available in all regional languages and in a comprehensible form. In addition, we cannot underscore the importance of grooming a well-rounded personality and fostering praiseworthy personal virtues in cricketers such as integrity and honesty, not to mention, harbouring a global mindset in players will help broaden their horizons and prevent them from making poor life choices. Inculcating values of integrity, dignity, responsibility, honesty, and fair-mindedness is PCB's responsibility as an institution.

Leadership and Management

"Leaders inspire people through a shared vision and create an environment where people feel valued and fulfilled," said Randy Stocklin. PCB should take it upon themselves to identify and develop leadership potential in players. They may train players with leadership abilities and provide mentorship opportunities. Subsequently, the select players shall be assigned with leadership roles systematically through all playing levels.

A captain of a team should naturally become a role model in every sense of the word. The skippers are not just bound to marshall troops on the field and use their tactical acumen but they must exhibit emotional intelligence and take a keen interest in understanding each player's psyche, weaknesses and strengths, take interest in knowing about what's going on in their lives, know each member's goals and know what motivates them.

Laud those who come forward to report corrupt approaches

It seems unviable for the PCB alone to oversee all the happenings at domestic level as their headquarters are based in Lahore and there isn't a vibrant presence of officials in other cities. Thus, it makes it difficult for a player to report corruption approach and the local politics or coercive measures could come into play as well. 

Specifically rewarding players who promptly report approaches from bookies will lead to lower levels of criminal behaviours. Honouring those who join efforts to keep the game clean would be another step in the right direction. Proper recognition is important to motivate responsible members of the fraternity.