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India ODI captain Virat Kohli has shared about his match preparation and batting techniques during the live chat show with his Bangladeshi counterpart, Tamim Iqbal, on Monday night.

The two experienced cricketers from the neighboring countries, much loved by fans, appeared in a live session and shared different experiences about several topics of the game.

Tamim has been hosting live talk-shows from his social media platforms in recent times as all sorts of sports activities have been stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Alongside local players, former South Africa skipper Faf du Plessis and India opening batsman Rohit Sharma came to the show as foreign players.

Kohli joined the party on Monday and the two captains passed a lively time talking about many things related to cricket.

When Tamim asked Kohli about his decision to change his batting stance, Kohli explained why he had to do it a few years ago.

“It was my personal decision to change my batting stance. I thought the batting stance on a static position was creating a limitation on playing all of my shots. My basic idea on batting was, if your hip position was on perfect then you can play any shot by changing your feet positioning,” said Kohli. 

“So I think in a static position, it was not working. That’s why I had to change a little bit based on my playing style. Although this static position worked for many players very well. Like Sachin Tendulkar. His hand-eye coordination and technique were superhuman.”

Kohli informed that apart from practicing hard, fitness and proper diet plan are also very important for an athlete.

“There is no pattern on my game-preparation. I follow a specific pattern of my fitness and diet. Because I believe training and diet should have been followed by a specific pattern. If your body is in the best position and you are mentally feeling well then you can be ready to give your best every time,” said Kohli.

“And in my batting practice, when I feel that I am hitting the ball well then generally I bat 8-10 minutes. Sometimes excess batting practice can cause over-confidence. Actually coming out from the net is also a skill. You need to know when you have to stop practicing excessively.

“But obviously it depends on person to person. If you consider Pujara (Cheteshwar) then he might bat for three hours in the net. Everyone has their own way to increase confidence. It’s also important to have a proper mind set up. Whenever you are touring away when you go outside for a coffee or for a walk that helps as well.

“You cannot be in a serious mood every time. If you are mentally feeling well then you can take that confidence in the match as well. Everyone knows how to play cricket. But sometimes we make it really difficult and take pressure on ourselves,” he concluded.