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Ponting agrees with Ashwin over run penalty for batsmen "cheating" while backing up
IPL 2020

Ponting agrees with Ashwin over run penalty for batsmen "cheating" while backing up

Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting has emphatically declared his strict stance against non-strikers leaving their crease early, dubbing the act as cheating but said he would prefer to see run penalties instead of run-outs to deter this practice.

The 'Mankad' mode of dismissal has been met with sharply polarising views in the cricket world sparking debates over it being contrary to the proverbial 'spirit of the game'.

Ravichandran Ashwin, playing for Kings XI Punjab, had stopped in his delivery stride to whip off the bails at the non-striker's end to dismiss Rajasthan Royals' Jos Buttler during the last IPL season.

Ashwin is now a part of the Delhi Capitals squad and has been warned by Ponting not to repeat this tactic despite its legality under the rules of the game.

"Yeah, I totally get where you are coming from," Ponting told Ashwin in a chat uploaded on the veteran spinner's YouTube channel.

"I wasn't trying to say that you were [not] justified because it is actually in the laws of the game. You can do it... if a batsman is cheating, and trying to steal a couple of yards.

"I just think that we have got to find a way around trying to stop the batsman cheating.

"We have had this conversation already. I don't want to see anyone running two or three yards down the wicket."

Run-outs enacted in this manner are named after former India cricketer Vinoo Mankad, who notoriously dismissed Australia's Bill Brown in the 1947 Sydney Test like this prompting negative reception from the Aussie fans.

However, opposition to 'Mankading' has alleviated in recent years, particularly in the limited-overs formats where the margin of outcomes are quite narrow.

Ponting thus agreed with Ashwin's opinion of a harsh penalty for batsmen gaining an unfair advantage and hoped such a rule would soon be introduced.

"I think there should be some sort of a run penalty," he said.

"If you are to get to the top of your bowling action and stop, and it shows that the batsman is cheating and is out of his crease, I think put a run penalty on them.

"And do it right from the start, because that will stop him right away.

"Imagine taking 10 runs off a team total because you have taken yards. Those sort of things need to be looked at."