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West Indies team not allowed to train after breaching Covid-19 protocols
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West Indies team not allowed to train after breaching Covid-19 protocols

The West Indies cricket team have had their training privileges revoked after several team members breached COVID-19 biosecurity protocols in their Christchurch isolation facility, New Zealand’s Ministry of Health said on Wednesday.

The team are due to be released from the facility on Friday, pending the final round of COVID-19 testing, but breached their protocols on several occasions by sharing food or mingling in corridors.

The Ministry said there was no risk to the public.

“As with other sports teams that have come to New Zealand, the West Indies cricket team were given certain exemptions from the managed isolation rules which apply to everyone else,” Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said in a statement.

“In return, they have to stick to the rules.

“They didn’t do that, despite agreeing to abide by the parameters of the exemption.”

Bloomfield added their training exemption had been revoked and they would remain in isolation until they are released.

West Indies management did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

New Zealand Cricket said they had stressed to the visitors they needed to abide by the restrictions placed upon them.

New Zealand has successfully curbed the spread of the coronavirus after introducing a strict lockdown and tight border controls.

Almost all the country’s small number of current cases are among people arriving from overseas, who are held in mandatory managed isolation facilities for 14 days.

The squad had their third and final COVID-19 tests on Wednesday and will be released on Friday, where they will head to Queenstown for warmup matches.

The first of three Twenty20 internationals against New Zealand is on November 27 in Auckland.