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The sport of cricket is very unpredictable as the outcome remains undecided until the last ball of the match. Over the years, there have been many bizarre incidents on the cricket pitch but not quite like what happened during one local match in India.

In the past, there have only been a few instances when a team has won the match when needing six runs on the final ball of the innings. However, a local match between Desai and Juni Dombivli left everyone bewildered.

Desai club needed 6 runs off the last delivery and won the match with one ball to spare, without the ball touching the bat. The bowler conceded six wides in a row, handing Desai the win with one ball still remaining.

With six extra runs, Desai reached the required target of 76. The fielding team was seen frustrated as they lost the match following a disastrous over from the bowler.