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The digital technology in this era is ever evolving and expanding to the new horizons. Pakistan is one of the most passionate countries regarding the sport of cricket. From little boys to elder people, everyone gets glued to their screens whenever Pakistan plays a match.

However, one of the problems associated with watching a live cricket match is the sheer number of hours you need to be transfixed watching the TV screen. Even the shortest version of the game comfortably lasts more than four hours, whilst longer matches are spread out over a grueling five days.

With the unpredictable nature of cricket, matches can be lost and won at any stage of the match and if you move away from your TV screen for even a couple of seconds, there is a high possibility that you might miss a crucial wicket or the massive six that everyone else is talking about.

The CEO of Cricingif, Shahid Rasool was recently interviewed on the leading news channel Dawn, where he talked us through the concept behind the formation of Cricingif. The Cricingif platform is one of its kind and the first ever in Pakistan to provide live highlights (a clip for each ball) along with the fastest live scores online.

Moreover, according to Shahid Rasool, Cricingif also enables a user to visit any particular delivery or even watch all the overs in one place. Talking about the future of digital media in sports, he is hopeful that the audience on digital platforms will only grow in Pakistan in the coming years.