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The induction of former Pakistan skipper Moin Khan’s son Azam Khan in the Quetta Gladiators squad caused a lot of uproar in the cricketing circles, as fans slammed this selection being made purely on the basis of nepotism.

The bulky figure of Azam has also attracted criticism from people as being clearly unfit for the sport and a burden on the fielding unit. Despite this severe backlash, the young 20-year-old is keen to shed this ungainly image and has expressed his determination to get in shape soon.

“I like junk food but I have stopped eating rice and wheat and trying to follow diet plan,” Azam spoke in an interview recently. He also proudly shared that he had lost a weight of 6 kilograms on-tour following this plan.

Harboring high hopes regarding his cricketing career, the youngster believes that he can break into the national side in 3-4 years’ time.