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Following a meeting in Bangalore earlier this month, the panel of MCC World Cricket Council (MCC) which consists of former and current international cricketers and umpires from across the globe, has made a suggestion of introducing free-hits for no-balls in the Test format.

In a statement, the Committee's reasoning was explained.

It read: "For example, England recently had a spell of 45 ODIs without bowling a no ball, yet they bowled eleven in the three-Test series against the West Indies. The system would not only be exciting for crowds when there was a free hit but also it would help to speed up over rates if fewer no balls are bowled."

Further recommendations for the longest format of the game included a countdown clock, designed to combat the declining over rate in cricket worldwide. International Cricket Council (ICC) statistics from May 2018 show that over rates in the last year were the lowest in the 11 years that they had been measured.

The last proposal by MCC is to introduce the use of a standard ball for World Test Championship. The MCC felt that it would benefit the Championship for a standard ball to be used in these matches, except for those played as day/night matches.