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The morning of March 15 brought forward a tragic and painful incident as vicious shooting was observed in two mosques (Al Noor and Linwood) in New Zealand during the Friday afternoon prayers.

The brutality of the happening pushed the cricketing world in dismay as they were shell-shocked to see the video of a man carrying heavy ammunition to use it on innocent and unarmed worshippers. To add insult to the injury, the slaughter was streamed live on Facebook.

Fortunately, Bangladesh players were able to save themselves from this massacre as they used the other door to take an exit and reach the hotel safely. Subsequently, Bangladesh’s tour of New Zealand has been called off.

The cricketing fraternity came forward to react on a unfortunate incident which snatched valuable lives. Condolences were extended to the families who suffered in this barbaric event. Furthermore, players across the world prayed for all the victims and urged the authorities to handle the situation efficiently so that no such incident could be repeated in future.

#New Zealand