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Dravid gives his two cents on Mankade controversy
IPL 2019

Dravid gives his two cents on Mankade controversy

The controversial mankade incident which took place in a recent game of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has divided former players as some believe that such incidents violate the spirit of cricket while others found nothing wrong with it.

Former Indian batsman and Rajasthan Royals (RR) captain Rahul Dravid has said that Ashwin had every right to appeal for the wicket but he himself would never indulge in such a behavior and would rather warn the batter first.

“Ashwin was well within his rights to do what he did. However, personally I would prefer it if somebody warns someone first. That would be my personal choice, but I respect someone's view to think differently,” he said.

Moreover, Dravid also said that some of the reactions of the whole incident have been blown out of proportion.