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PM Imran Khan recommends a six-region domestic system

PM Imran Khan recommends a six-region domestic system

The lackluster displays of Pakistan in the International cricket is often attributed to a weak first-class structure. Even the top performers of the domestic circuit usually find life hard at the top level of cricket as there exists a world of difference between the two. Hence, the domestic structure is severely criticized.

However, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sits adamant to ameliorate their domestic cricket thereby bringing the quality close to the International arena. 

For this purpose, a meeting was held between PCB officials and Prime Minister Imran Khan who happens to be one of the cricketing legends of the country.

Spurning the ideas of the governing body of cricket, the Lahore born has suggested the board to adopt a first-class structure comprising of six regions. 

Such a system should be having two teams from Punjab with four others from the remaining provinces. Highlighting the case of Balochistan’s cricketing talent, the 66-year-old added that this composition will benefit the domestic cricket of Pakistan by improving its quality which would ultimately be reflected in the performances of the national team.