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Alan Wilkins heartbroken by tragedy in Afghanistan

Alan Wilkins heartbroken by tragedy in Afghanistan

A terrible tragedy has struck the cricketing scene in Afghanistan, where an upcoming leg-spin sensation 11-year-old Ahmad Qureshi has been kidnapped in Jalalabad city. The hostage situation has worsened with his abductors demanding a sum of $30,000 or else they warn the youngster’s fingers will be cut.

This appalling turn of events has left famous cricket presenter Alan Wilkins deeply saddened. Invoking the authorities in the Afghanistan government to take swift action, Wilkins wished the boy would be safely reunited with his family.

The former English cricketer thus hoped that peace will prevail in the region and innocent people like the budding cricketer labelled ‘Little Rashid Khan’ do not become victims to unnecessary violence. Wilkins’ comments were echoed by the Twitter community.