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Ramiz lambastes IPL's distinct trend

Ramiz lambastes IPL's distinct trend

The high-octane cricketing action on display in the latest season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a treat to watch for all fans. However, controversies have been a part and parcel of the ensuing competitive contests on the field.

In light of this history, former Pakistan skipper Ramiz Raja has brought forth another interesting point of critique on the IPL. Taking up the issue of excessive interference of the coaching and management staff in team discussions during the match, Ramiz expressed his annoyance at this flourishing trend in the league.

His comments specifically targeted the coaches for hogging up the limelight whereas cricket is a sport that should instead be bossed by the captain once the playing XI lands on the field. This latest matter raised by Ramiz will certainly open new avenues of discussion.