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Manjrekar criticizes Indian batsmen's temperament

Manjrekar criticizes Indian batsmen's temperament

The age of T20 cricket has introduced a perpetual sense of urgency among batsmen, noticeable by the abundance of boundaries. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been the revolutionizing force in this regard, cementing a platform where batsmen have always had the say in dictating terms to the bowlers.

The emerging trend of fast-paced scoring has, however, given birth to a genuine problem of lack of temperament amongst the new crop of cricketers. Shedding light on this phenomenon, former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar took to Twitter to criticize young Indian batters in particular for forgoing basic techniques in pursuit of boundaries.

He harshly pinpointed the inadequate grasp over match awareness that plagues the rookie cricketers, who are keener on acting upon their instincts and going for the glory hit even when the game does not require it.