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The making of the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy
International Cricket Council (ICC)

The making of the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy

All roads are leading towards the forthcoming edition of the World Cup which will be hosted by England and Wales. Commencing from May 30 and lasting till July 14, the iconic event of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is all set to thrill the fans by producing some epic contests which will be fought by 10 teams of the tournament who are loaded with cricketers of exceptional capabilities.

In the previous 11 editions of the tournament, Australia grabbed the title 5 times, whereas India and West Indies claimed it two times each. The other two teams to get their hands on the marvelous piece are Asian giants Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Major cricketing nations will be witnessed fighting for the glorious trophy which has been made by some best of the business. Eyes are always glued to a special piece of art as everyone aspires to get their hands on this trophy. However, there is certainly plenty of effort that goes into the making of a World Cup title.

Pioneered by Paul Marsden in the mid-nineties, the silverware has seen many changes. However, the design of the trophy remains natural since 1999 but unique modifications are provided to swell the charm of the trophy. The world-class piece weighs about 11 kilograms with its height amounting to 650 millimeters. 

Containing a hardwood base, the trophy is drawn using a freehand or pen work as the starting point. Massive calculations go down in such work as there are multiple angles that are needed to be covered. The art joins hands with mathematics to provide the laurel with all the needed touches.

After the designing part, the trophy goes through engraving – a job which is considered an equally difficult task. In this part, the trophy encompasses all the elements of cricket which include the stumps, the globe and the world arena which is found on the top of the masterpiece.

Finally, we move towards the actual manufacturing process where the excessive time, patience and skill-set of a number of people are consumed to pull out a sensational design.

Sharing his views on making the World Cup 2019 trophy, the Trophy Director, Steven Ottewill said, “To be involved with the Cricket World Cup, to help bring the piece to fruition, is a real privilege for a manufacturer, a British manufacturer as well.”

“While the things look simple to audience but there’s a plethora of effort which goes down in making the trophy. There are always a lot of calculations behind the work,” he further added.