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Pakistan is currently gearing up for the World Cup, which is a matter of weeks away from commencement. This will be a litmus test for Sarfaraz Ahmed’s captaincy, after a significant slump in form of the ODI setup.

Nevertheless, the skipper is determined to clinch glory for his side. Aside from the essential on-field strategies and planning for the mega event, Sarfaraz was recently asked about his famous style of speaking very swiftly.

Often dubbed as a ‘motormouth’ for his unique way of speaking Urdu in press conferences and post-match presentations, fans have resorted to making memes of Sarfaraz’s style of narration.

Taking notice of this trend in social media, Sarfaraz addressed this issue by remarking that he will make an effort to speak slowly now. “So many memes have been made of me speaking fast. If I say something it's put into a meme so now I am trying to speak slowly,” he spoke.