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Lee and Lara engage in intense 'Gully Cricket' clash
IPL 2019

Lee and Lara engage in intense 'Gully Cricket' clash

Two modern day legends of the game, Brett Lee and Brian Lara renewed their intense cricketing rivalry in an intriguing session of ‘Gully Cricket’. Taking to the streets of Mumbai in the middle of the Indian Premier League (IPL), fans became witness to a once in a lifetime moment as Lara took guard against a fiery Lee steaming into bowl.

While the two have long retired from the game, it was heartening to see their spirits and energy not flailing as Lara and Lee engaged in an exciting clash. Lee bowled his trademark bouncer delivered at a lightning speed, while Lara tactfully evaded the menacing delivery, nevertheless bravely wearing it off on his chest.

The wonderful contest between the two once again depicts the beauty of IPL, whereby international stars are able to go out in the suburbs and interact with their fans in the open.