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Umar hits out at his critics

Umar hits out at his critics

The last couple of months have been turbulent for middle-order batsman, Umar Akmal. Though there are very few who doubt his batting potential but the controversies associated with Umar have played a huge role in impeding his growth. Frustrated by the controversies, he has slammed his critics saying that they should not comment on his personal life.

“To all the senior cricketers that have played alongside me, and the way they come on to the media discussing me, I just want to tell them that I too know a lot of things about them as well. Every player has a respect that should not be damaged, they can criticize me on my performance I am not against that but they should not hit my personal life,” said Umar.

The statement comes after Umar was panned by critics as he was fined 20 percent of his match fee during the series against Australia, after a video clip circulating on social media showed Umar attending a concert in Dubai.

"I am fond of music, I don't hide it from anyone and I have said it in many interviews. My family knows where I go and what I do and if my family doesn't have any problem with it then no one else should," he further added.