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Prithvi Shaw gets away with getting bowled?

Prithvi Shaw gets away with getting bowled?

The ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen quite a few incidents in which the bails were not dislodged even after getting hit with the ball and the batsmen got away on all occasions as the law does not declare someone out until the bails are dislodged completely.

Jofra Archer has been at the receiving at on two occasions now as he was recently denied the wicket of Prithvi Shaw even after hitting the stumps. During the 16th over the game between Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Delhi Capitals (DC), Jofra Archer bowled a full toss which was completely missed by Prithvi Shaw.

However, after passing the batsman, the ball hit the leg stump on the full and went directly into the hands of the wicket-keeper Sanju Samson. Shaw was saved by the unusual circumstances as he was not out legally even though the wickets were lit up.