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Shanaka recounts Easter bombing trauma
Sri Lanka

Shanaka recounts Easter bombing trauma

The death toll of the horrific Sri Lankan blasts, perpetrated during the holy festival of Easter, has risen sharply to over 300 victims. Things might have been different for international all-rounder Dasun Shanaka, who narrowly escaped the serial bomb attacks.

The 27-year-old, who frequents one of the churches tormented by the vicious attack, had missed the mass congregation this Easter after a tiring trip home. “Normally I would have gone to church but the day before I had gone to Anuradhapura, so I was tired,” Shanaka recounted in a recent interview with a sports publication.

However, his mother and grandmother were in attendance of the Easter celebrations and were at the site of the attack. The news of the bloody terrorist attack instantly made Shanaka rush to the vicinity of the destroyed church.

“My first instinct was to look for my mother. Once I spotted her, I took her away from the area. Then I began looking for my grandmother, but when I heard that she had been sitting inside, my heart sank,” he recalled, expressing his trauma.

Thankfully, his grandmother suffered just an injury to the head from a flying shrapnel, requiring a surgery. This near-death experience nevertheless has left Shanaka a changed man, and he believed this incident emboldened his faith in the strength of the Sri Lankan populace.