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Umpire loses cricket ball during IPL game
IPL 2019

Umpire loses cricket ball during IPL game

The introduction of strategic timeouts in franchise league cricket was meant to provide some time to the players to take a breather and plan for the coming phase of the game. Moreover, the break also allows the umpires some time to relax and get drinks.

The strategic timeout in a recent game between the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) resulted in an interesting situation as the ball was nowhere to be found after the break.

The umpires kept on asking the players about the ball, but no one knew where the ball had gone. So, the reserve umpire was called in to bring the extra balls in order to get things going and not waste any more time.

However, the ball was eventually found when TV replays showed that umpire Shamshuddin had put the ball in his pocket at the start of the strategic timeout and forgot about it afterwards. It was one of the most bizarre incidents to take place on the cricket field which left RCB’s AB de Villiers in splits.