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Astrologer makes massive prediction for India-Pakistan clash

Astrologer makes massive prediction for India-Pakistan clash

The highly anticipated World Cup is just a month away from commencement as the world’s top 10 teams strive to reach glory at the end of a competitive tournament. While all matches carry equal importance in the context of their consequences, the June 16 clash between Pakistan and India surpasses all other contests in the amount of fans it attracts to the screens.

Thus far, India has had the upper hand in World Cup encounters over the archrivals, triumphing on all 6 occasions. However, the Champions Trophy final win for Pakistan in 2017 administers a self-belief among the Men in Green to trump Virat Kohli’s men.

Amidst the excitement, scientific astrologer Greenstone Lobo’s prediction for the result of Pakistan and India’s high-profile match is set to disappoint Pakistan fans. The astrologer has claimed that India will definitely beat Pakistan in a month’s time, giving little chance to the 1992 World Cup winners.