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Bangladesh modify WC jersey after intense backlash

Bangladesh modify WC jersey after intense backlash

A huge uproar followed the official unveiling of the Bangladesh cricket team’s jersey for the World Cup, as hordes of fans complained about it resembling with Pakistan’s kit. The initial green and white design opted for Bangladesh’s jersey has since been altered by the authorities in charge, and a shade of red has been added.

Social media had been ripe with grievances from furious fans for the past few days, slamming the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for being callous in their final choice for the jersey. Tweets circulated around the internet, where Bangladesh cricket supporters likened the team’s kit to Pakistan, given the bloody political history between the two nations.

This has prompted the BCB to rectify their mistake and change the jersey pattern. Earlier, the BCB spokesperson had excused the error of omitting the red stripe owing to ‘commercial complications.’