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Shahid Afridi clarifies his intentions in ‘Game Changer’

Shahid Afridi clarifies his intentions in ‘Game Changer’

The launch of the former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi’s biography has stirred a lot of controversies on social media. Known by the name of ‘Game Changer’, the book made shocking revelations about some big names of Pakistan Cricket.

Retorting to the claims, few cricketers have spurned Afridi’s allegations and questioned his approach in the book. Fans are also actively participating in the debate by sharing their two cents on the 39-year old cricketer’s piece. While some backed the Multan Sultans player, others are finding themselves in disagreement with the aggressive all-rounder.

However, the Khyber Agency born has come forward to reveal his intentions by claiming that he never intended to hurt anyone. All he did was to share his personal experiences without a motive of disparaging anyone. The crowd-favorite was delighted with his fans who gave him a grand reception on launching of his book in Karachi. Furthermore, he extended his gratitude to the famous journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan who penned down Afridi’s biography.