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Afridi invites Gambhir for ‘medical treatment’ in Pakistan

Afridi invites Gambhir for ‘medical treatment’ in Pakistan

The feud between Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir is an old one but it has recently reignited after the Afridi took a jibe at the Indian opener in his autobiography. Afridi stated that Gambhir is "someone who has no personality and one who has a lot of attitude problem”.

Reacting to Afridi's claims, the former Indian batsman on Saturday said that Afridi needed to visit a psychiatrist. In response to this, Afridi has hit back saying that Gambhir has some problems which can be treated here in Pakistan.

“The Indian Government doesn’t normally give visas to our people, but I will welcome everyone from India to Pakistan. Our people and our Government have always welcomed Indians and as for Gautam, I will get a visa arranged so that his treatment can be done here,” Afridi said regarding Gambhir.