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Saeed Ajmal urges Shahid Afridi to respect senior cricketers

Saeed Ajmal urges Shahid Afridi to respect senior cricketers

While the release of Shahid Afridi’s biography called ‘Game Changer’ has thrilled many fans, it also has brought backlash from many cricket enthusiasts. In the book, the iconic all-rounder went on to criticize legendary cricketers like Javed Miandad and Waqar Younis for treating him badly.

Many believe that the former captain, like much of his career, has been extremely irresponsible with his words. Former Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal also came forward to reflect on the matter as he believes that senior cricketers must be respected by everyone.

Sharing his views on the latest controversy, the 41-year old was found drawing a parallel between parents and senior cricketers. Saeed Ajmal added that sometimes seniors adopt a harsh tone but they do that for our betterment like our parents. The Faisalabad born revealed that he is yet to read the book and what it contains about the veterans of Pakistan cricket. Nevertheless, he reiterated the notion of being humble and respectful towards the senior fellows.