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Brendan Taylor encounters a horrific situation

Brendan Taylor encounters a horrific situation

The law and order situation in Zimbabwe is becoming worse and worse with every passing day as criminals have started to take advantage of the load-shedding situation especially in Harare where crime has been rising significantly according to police reports.

Former Zimbabwe skipper Brendan Taylor has also become the victim of such crimes as he recently reported on Twitter that his wife was mugged right outside their house by 4 armed men during the later hours of the evening.

However, Taylor did reveal that his wife was not harmed during the mugging as she only lost her purse before he rushed them off the scene after hearing her screams from his driveway where he was waiting for her.

Furthermore, Taylor has urged everyone in Harare to be vigilant at all times and not go out after dark as people have gotten desperate during the current load-shedding situation. Fans and cricketers empathized with the cricketer and inquired about the safety of Taylor’s wife.