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Afridi reveals he nominated Butt as vice-captain

Afridi reveals he nominated Butt as vice-captain

The grim summer of 2010 brings back dark memories for Pakistan cricket. Disgraced by the spot-fixing scandal that shook the team to its core, the then captain of the Test side Salman Butt was found to be the ringleader of the plot to bowl deliberate no-balls.

Shedding light on the turn of events that led to this unfortunate scenario, Shahid Afridi disclosed in his autobiography that he was aware of certain shadowy activities taking place off the field, which he alerted to the management. The management did not act upon his intuition and this left him flustered.

In a recent interview, Afridi claimed that he had in fact nominated Butt’s name as vice-captain for the team in the two-Test series against Australia. 

He mentioned that he respected Butt as an opening batsman and desired a young captain for the future that could sustain the team in the long-run.

This decision was taken by Afridi before he became cognizant of suspicious interactions between Butt and bookmaker Mazhar Majeed.