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Butt details reservations against revamping domestic structure

Butt details reservations against revamping domestic structure

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of revamping the domestic cricket structure in Pakistan has received a lot of pushback from former and current players alike. The suggested changes talk about eradication of the department system in place and replacing it with a region-oriented model resembling the one in Australia.

Former skipper Salman Butt is, however, unhappy with the way PM Imran Khan and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is approaching the matter. Detailing his reservations against the proposed reforms in a lengthy blog post, Butt argued that the dynamics of Pakistan cricket are very different from Australia.

Shedding light on the low population of the welfare state of Australia, Butt believes that a 6-team system cannot work in Pakistan. He also mentioned that department franchises are a vital source of income for the many cricketers in Pakistan. Investing in cricket gears and fitness regimes is expensive and these are usually paid by the departments.

Butt stated that it would make more sense to focus on improving the standards of grassroots cricket. He said that the problem of substandard pitches and Dukes balls needs to be addressed more vigilantly.