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Virat Kohli joins Ahmed Shah’s Fan Club

Virat Kohli joins Ahmed Shah’s Fan Club

The naughty child star, Ahmed Shah is very popular on social media for his cute and funny antics, making waves ever since his ‘basta’ video went viral last year. The kid, who has garnered millions of views from around the world for his cute antics, has made it to Ramazan transmissions and game shows as well.

Now, the popularity of the little kid has gotten to India as well and adding to his big list of fans is India’s captain, Virat Kohli. A video shared on Twitter shows Kohli having a blast mimicking Ahmad’s famous tag line ‘Peeche Tau Dekho’ and repeating ‘Oye Kaun Hai Ye.’

Ahmed Shah just leaves everyone gushing over him every time he appears in any TV program. It is refreshing to see amidst all the tension between the countries, a little cute kid has become a source of binding between the two nations.