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Sarfaraz expresses pride in wearing traditional attire

Sarfaraz expresses pride in wearing traditional attire

Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed stood out from the other 9 skippers of the participating nations in the World Cup during the meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, as he donned the traditional attire of ‘shalwar kameez’.

Sarfaraz’s choice of clothing was warmly received by fans for promoting the culture of his country, however some online users rushed to troll him. Replying to the criticism, Sarfaraz emphasized that he felt great pride wearing the white shalwar kameez while his counterparts opted for suits.

“The salwar kameez is our national dress and I got instructions from the board to do all these things so I tried to promote our national dress. I felt very proud that the other captains were wearing suits but I was wearing national dress,” Sarfaraz was quoted as saying to the press.

He also claimed that he had a lighthearted conversation with Prince Harry, who was keen on displaying his bowling skills to Sarfaraz someday.