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ICC clarifies reason for no reserve days
International Cricket Council (ICC)

ICC clarifies reason for no reserve days

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has copped a lot of criticism for their decision to hold the 2019 World Cup in the midst of a rainy summer season in England. Bad weather has seen three games being washed out and a few others being reduced to rain-curtailed affairs.

The lack of reserve days for group fixtures has further strengthened the backlash the ICC has received. Fans are complaining the lack of cricket action witnessed thus far in the World Cup and the ill-planning which did not factor in weather of the selected venues.

Replying to this strong sentiment, ICC chief executive Dave Richardson has clarified that reserve days are very “complex to deliver.” “Factoring in a reserve day for every match would significantly increase the length of the tournament and, practically, would be extremely complex to deliver,” his statement read.

He explained that holding reserve days for missed matches in the group stage will affect travel arrangements and preparations of all the teams.