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Steve Rhodes upset about no reserve days
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Steve Rhodes upset about no reserve days

Sri Lanka was forced to split points for the second successive time in the ongoing World Cup after their World Cup match against Bangladesh was called off without a ball being bowled due to persistent rain.

Frustrated with the lack of action, the Bangladesh coach, Steve Rhodes was left unhappy with the arrangements of the ICC and bemoaned the lack of reserve days at the World Cup. When asked whether there should be reserve days in the group phase, Steve Rhodes replied with ‘Yes’.

“We put men on the moon, so why can’t we have a reserve day, when actually this tournament is a long tournament. They are spread out, the games. I would say that it’s disappointing for the crowd, as well. They have got tickets to see a game of cricket, and you know, it would be up to them if they can get there the day after,” Rhodes said.

The reserve days just exist for the semi-finals and finals of the World Cup. If the match in the round-robin stage gets washed out, then the team's are awarded one point each. Sri Lanka will next face Australia on June 15 whereas Bangladesh will take on West Indies on June 17.