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Fielding continues to let Pakistan down

Fielding continues to let Pakistan down

The Pakistan cricket team has not been a great fielding unit historically as it has struggled to stay at par with the fielding standards set by other top sides in world cricket.

The current lot of players have also continued the tradition and have proved to be a miserable fielding side as they have been found wanting on many occasions especially after the departure of former fielding coach Steve Rixon who was helping them improve at the international level.

The recent World Cup fixture against Australia did not prove to be a different fixture as the fielders failed to support the bowlers who were creating chances for the team. A total of 5 catches were dropped from all fielders which included two costly drops from Asif Ali.

According to statistics, Pakistan is the only side which has a negative run saved to the conceded ratio in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. The -17-fielding score is even worse than sides like Afghanistan and Bangladesh who are not considered good fielding units either.