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Mohammad Yousuf foresees the end of Shoaib Malik’s career

Mohammad Yousuf foresees the end of Shoaib Malik’s career

Despite being a senior of this team, all-rounder Shoaib Malik hasn’t been able to do anything special for Pakistan. While his experience was rated highly over his dismal shows in England, the former captain has shown no improvement by scoring two ducks in his last three innings.

This didn’t go down well with many cricket enthusiasts and ex-Pakistani batsman Mohammad Yousuf is no exception as he sits extremely frustrated with the Sialkot born player. Sharing his feelings, the 44-year old added that Malik had a lot of responsibilities but he kept failing from a long time and it was wrong of the management to keep him in the national team. Moreover, Yousuf predicted that it is end of Malik’s cricketing career as he isn’t seeing the senior pro playing even one more game.

“As a senior cricketer, Malik should have done a lot better for the country. I think his career is over for Pakistan and I don’t see him playing any further in this tournament. If they select him again, it would be a big mistake,” the Lahore born added while reflecting on Malik’s journey in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 tournament.