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There is no grouping in the team: Mohammad Hafeez

There is no grouping in the team: Mohammad Hafeez

After Pakistan lost to India in their World Cup encounter at the Old Trafford, the team came under severe criticism. The news of grouping inside the dressing room also broke out on media. There were talks about the disunity in the Pakistani camp.

However, Pakistani all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez cleared everything in an interview. He confronted all the false news which spread on media. "Whenever we lose, these stories of groupings start. We beat England and there were no stories of groupings, we lose to India and these stories of groupings in the squad start. We are one, we are united, we are all Pakistanis, we all care about each other", he said.

"All these stories of trouble within the squad are rubbish. The reality is that we simply have not played well enough as a team and all the players need to take responsibility for this", he further added.