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Wasim Khan expresses his love for Pakistan

Wasim Khan expresses his love for Pakistan

Since his appointment as the Managing Director of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Wasim Khan has faced a lot of resistance coming from different spheres. From the Board of Governors calling the hiring as ‘unconstitutional’ to many journalists taking a dig at him, it is safe to say that Wasim has received a hostile reception.

Despite all this, the 48-year remains adamant to serve and ameliorate Pakistan’s cricket system. Recently, Wasim appeared on a TV channel where he revealed his motivation regarding working for Pakistan Cricket. The Birmingham born added that it was his love for Pakistan which forced him to quit England where he had a realistic chance of claiming the Chief Executive’s position and return to the country he proudly calls his love.

“I would have been promoted to become Chief Executive of England Cricket after may be three years, but Pakistan is in my heart and it will remain so. I still remember being young guy watching Pakistan play in England. I’m here to contribute for Pakistan,” said by Wasim Khan.