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International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken a keen step to rehabilitate the interest of fans in the Test format. For this, the biggest step they took was the initiation of the Test Championship program. Started from August 2019, the tournament will continue till 2021.

Top 8 Test teams are part of this event which will compete for the glory title. This tournament will add flare to the format as it will bring more passion and dedication to the game.

Test cricket has not been followed a lot in the recent past with the advent of shorter formats in the shape of T20 and T10. The fans became more tilted towards limited overs contest and Test cricket was starting to be ignored.

But ICC did not let the real format of the game to drift away and has started this championship to revamp the fortunes of the format. The trend in the public will gradually fall back in this format. Moreover, ICC has also added numbers and names on the Test match kits in order to add more colors to the format.