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Virat Kohli opens up on his mindset towards cricket

Virat Kohli opens up on his mindset towards cricket

Indian captain and one of the finest cricketers ever to appear on the International arena, Virat Kohli comes across as a modern day legend. Recently, the Indian run machine sat down with West Indian batting champion Viv Richards to discuss the essentials of becoming a top batsman.

In a special candid conversation with the batting icon, Virat Kohli turned into an anchor where they shared views on many aspects including facing the bouncers. Both greats shared their mindset and ideas while tackling the pacers.

After listening to Viv’s notion of preferring caps to helmets, the Delhi born added that he always wanted to get hit earlier so that it’d took the fear factor out and urge him to make sure that it won’t happen again.

“I prefer to get hit early on and get to know the feeling, rather than always feeling like you might get hit. I prefer getting hit early on and really hard, so it motivates me to not allow that to happen again,” Kohli said while sharing his mantra about facing the pacers.