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Sunil Gavaskar comes out in defence of Indian pacer

Sunil Gavaskar comes out in defence of Indian pacer

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has always been strict about the legitimacy of bowling actions as controversial actions have led to numerous on-field issues. A number of renowned bowlers have been reported for suspected bowling actions as some of them came back after rectifying the flaws while others became ineffective after the change.

Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah, who is taking Test cricket by storm, was recently questioned about his uptight bowling action as a couple of fans felt that the pacer’s bowling arm does not follow the official regulations.

Former Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar immediately came out to support his countryman as he said that there is nothing wrong with Bumrah’s action and his opinion was well supported by Ian Bishop as well.

“Let's a look at it closely. A few steps and then he gathers momentum and finally releases the ball with a straight arm. Now tell me at what point is his arm is bent? It's perfectly fine. People should get a life," he added.