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Pietersen infuriated by Wade and Paine's chatter
The Ashes 2019

Pietersen infuriated by Wade and Paine's chatter

Kevin Pietersen is known for never being shy of expressing his opinion on social media. With his bold opinions resembling his attacking batting often causing a stir in the media, Pietersen remains an active figure in public life despite having retired from the game.

Amidst the ongoing Ashes battle between Australia and England at Old Trafford, Pietersen seemed to be annoyed by the constant chatter of Matthew Wade and Tim Paine on stump mics during England’s innings. 

With Nathan Lyon coming in to bowl towards the end of the second day, Paine and Wade’s banter surrounding the England batsmen infuriated Pietersen, who called on the duo to be quiet.

Pietersen’s views, although bordering on a harsh tone, were backed by several fans who also felt Wade and Paine were being needlessly talkative around the English batters. This tactic is often employed by close-in fielders to break the concentration of the batsman on strike.