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PCB explains new points system and punishments for QAT

PCB explains new points system and punishments for QAT

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has brought in some major changes in the cricket structure of the country as it has shifted focus from quantity to quality so that the upcoming cricketers are good enough to compete at the international level after coming into the national side.

The board has also changed the points system for the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy(QAT) as a team would get 16 points on winning, 5 points for a drawn game, and 9 points for a tied game. Bonus points have also been introduced for the first innings of every game as the batting team would get rewarded for scoring more than 200 runs while the bowling side would also get bonus points for taking a specific number of wickets in the first innings of a first-class game.

Moreover, the PCB has also toughened policy on the over-rate offences as players would be trained from the grass root level to avoid such things at the international level. Teams would be fined between a range of PKR 8000 to PKR 75,000 in a first-class game while falling short of the required over rate in limited overs cricket would bear much heavier fines as compared to first-class cricket.