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David Parsons impressed with the Lahore’s hospitality

David Parsons impressed with the Lahore’s hospitality

Pakistan, the country known for its hospitality, time and again sets up examples of amiable relations with the foreign visitors. Whether the visitors are tourist, athletes, delegates, or celebrities, the country never disappoints. Recently, Former England Cricket Board’s Director of Performance visited National Cricket Academy in Lahore.

He was moved by the friendliness and the hospitable environment he experienced in the heart of Punjab. He shared his kinds words for the people of Lahore and its atmosphere. The 52-year old said, “I've been made to feel welcome, it's a wonderful environment in Lahore. The restaurants and the hotel and being here at the Gaddafi Stadium has been fantastic. I look forward to coming back in future"

His tour of Pakistan can create a positive impact of Pakistan’s image in the premises of England Cricket Board- who in future wishes to tour Pakistan. Pakistan is eagerly waiting for the teams like South Africa, England, Australia, and New Zealand to tour Pakistan in the near future and for that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is leaving no stone unturned.