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3 ethical points to keep in mind during Pakistan vs Sri Lanka series
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

3 ethical points to keep in mind during Pakistan vs Sri Lanka series

The Pakistani nation thrives on the spirit of cricket and the people don’t want to waste a single opportunity to express their love for the game. Pakistan vs Sri Lanka home series is another chance for the cricket enthusiasts in the country to rejoice their passion; where the excitement of the series is high, the fans must check their ethical boundaries while watching the matches in the stadium.

" Avoid unnecessary rants "

Amidst the over-excited and insane crowd, sometimes unnecessary and unethical rants are commonly observed which either target the local players or the host team. Fans, who plan to watch matches in the stadiums, are strongly encouraged to avoid misuse of slogans. Also, political placards and slogans should also be kept in check.

" Taking care of cleanliness "

The ground staff of National Stadium Karachi and the Gadaffi Stadium Lahore have worked day and night to prepare the grounds for the home series. 

Apart from preparing the wickets and watering the outfields, the aisles have also been cleaned and readied for the fans to sit and enjoy. It is a duty of every single spectator in the stadium to take care of the cleanliness during the match and make sure that they don’t leave garbage at their seats by the end of the match.

" Cooperating with the security forces "

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka series has been arranged after the events of ifs and buts, and earnest efforts. There were a lot of security obstacles which had to be crossed in order for the series to take place. It is now the duty of the Pakistani fans to cooperate with the security forces throughout the series and they should abide by the rules and regulations which are set by the task forces.