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Yousuf feels Waqar deserved coaching job ahead of Misbah

Yousuf feels Waqar deserved coaching job ahead of Misbah

Pakistan’s legendary batsman Mohammad Yousuf has lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for appointing former skipper Misbah-ul-Haq the head coach and chief selector of the side. 

Yousuf has questioned the merit and logic behind this selection and has asked questions about how Misbah will perform the two roles simultaneously.

“The head coach will be with the national team then how would he be able to watch first-class players with his own eyes? The chief selector will have to rule on the basis of scorecards or through what the provincial coaches feed him. So if provincial coaches have to do all the work then what was the need of a chief selector?” he asked.

Yousuf instead felt the new bowling coach Waqar Younis had been hard done by the decision since he deserved the post of the head coach more than Misbah.

“I am appalled that how could Waqar Younis settle for the bowling coach’s role when on merit he should have been the head coach and chief selector,” he added.