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Ramiz urges people to keep the beaches clean in Karachi

Ramiz urges people to keep the beaches clean in Karachi

Amidst the increasing chaos about the climatic changes across the globe, raising awareness should be the ultimate goal of the people especially the influencers in order to show people the right way to tackle with the burning situation. Recently, Ramiz Raja, Pakistan’s veteran commentator highlighted the issue of cleanliness at the Karachi beach.

Ramiz was in Phase 8 of DHA Karachi (Do Daraya) for dinner when he noticed the garbage floating in the water along with the fishes. He urged fans and the people to avoid this habit of throwing waste into the ocean. He said that the parents should teach their children about keeping the environment clean.

Pakistan is one of those countries, which will be affected drastically by the climatic changes in the near future. As the citizens of Pakistan, it is our utmost duty to do our best in this regard and try to minimize the use of plastic items as much as possible.