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Tanvir Ahmed blasts on PCB for shutting departmental cricket

Tanvir Ahmed blasts on PCB for shutting departmental cricket

After a lot of deliberations, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shunned their previous cricket mechanism of departmental cricket while adopting regional cricket associations. On one hand, this move promotes quality rather than quantity, but, on the other hand, it pushed many cricketers out of the system, thus augmenting their financial difficulties.

Recently, Pakistan’s Test cricketer Tanvir Ahmed lampooned the governing body of cricket in Pakistan for discarding departmental cricket without catering to the financial needs of many players. 

He also went on to highlight the case of Fazal Subhan who was recently spotted working as a driver to earn bread for his family. Moreover, he criticized former captain and the currently elected Prime Minister Imran Khan for letting it all happen.

“PCB ruined lives and families of many cricketers. I really want to see the massive difference in the quality of cricketers with the new system. Imran Khan wanted this new mechanism. He himself played cricket for such a long time but still did it. It is indeed a shameful act,” said by Kuwait born while venting on social media.